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Some simple tips for taking better photos with your smartphone c

by Administrator

Today's smartphone cameras have become nearly as complex and feature-laden as the compact cameras they replaced. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but here are four simple tips for better photos that work with most modern smartphone.

1. Most smartphones now have an option called HDR, which is short for High Dynamic Range.
When you take an HDR photo, your camera actually shoots three photos at three different exposures: low, standard, and high. Then, your phone stacks all those photos to create one composite image that's super sharp and looks closer to what the human eye sees.
When to try HDR:
- Direct sunlight. For those situations where the sun is right behind the subject you're shooting and there's no way around it.
- Landscapes. You'll notice bluer skies and richer details in trees and buildings.

2. Lock focus:By now you probably know that tapping the screen sets the focus and exposure. But the moment you or the subject moves, that setting will be lost.To force your phone to lock the focus,tap and hold the screen until the setting locks.  Even if you move around now,the exposure and focus will stay the same.

3. Burst mode:When it comes to taking photos of kids, pets, or fast-paced sporting events, Burst mode will help you get a clear shot every time.
On Android:Tap the mode button and select Burst from the menu. Holding down the snapshot button will now take up to 20 shots in rapid succession.
On iPhone: Tap and hold the shutter button on the iPhone for as long as you like. Watch photo count indicator. When done, all photos will be saved into one thumbnail (on the samsung galaxy s4 i9500S), and you can then choose your favorites.

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